Meet the Team: Erica from Paleo Cafe Brisbane CBD


Erica from Paleo Cafe Brisbane CBD.

Ever since our flagship Cairns store opened in 2012, we have had so much support and demand from South East Queensland so are very excited to have not one but three stores underway in the Brisbane region. This week we are introducing you to Erica from Paleo Cafe Brisbane CBD who has been in Cairns this week learning the ropes with the Head Office and original cafe team.

When and why did you start living a Paleo lifestye?
I started living the Paleo lifestyle about 2 years ago after I had been Crossfitting for about 6 months.  My oldest son, Ryan, who is a Crossfit coach in Sydney introduced me to the idea and I have probably been about 80/20 for the past 18 months.  The difference in my energy levels and general well being have been fantastic.  I love it!

What made you want to open your own Paleo Cafe?
I am passionate about my lifestyle choices and I want to share my experiences.  I want everyone to have access to great clean food and information to support their choices.  In the perfect world everyone would come back to eating this way just as Mother Nature intended.

What is your favourite quick and easy Paleo meal to make at home?
It is a Civilised Caveman recipe – Chocolate Expresso Pork Belly which I have with root vegetables and something green.

How do you like to keep fit?
I Crossfit 5 or 6 times a week.  I know, I am just a little addicted! Along with changing the way I eat, the introduction of Crossfit has had a dramatic effect on my life.  I am fitter and healthier now than I have ever been.  I also have a thing for obstacle courses, I have done 5 events this year…something about the mud.

What do you like to do in your downtime?
I like to watch movies and read.  I also love to cook and often spend Sunday afternoons just pottering around in the kitchen.
Paleo Cafe Brisbane CBD is scheduled to open in October/November 2013. We know there are quite a few Paleo Cafe fans who are extremely excited we’ll be right in the city, so make sure you like their Facebook Page to stay up to date with all the local news and specials.


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