Ask The Chefs


We recently asked our Facebook Community if there were any burning cooking questions they wanted to put to our team of chefs. We’ve compiled the questions and answers for you below.

  1. What type of oil do you cook with?
    It depends on the recipe but generally ghee, coconut oil or olive oil (particularly for sauces and dressings).
  2. Do you have the macros for your menu?
    No sorry, we don’t. However we can provide additional information about the ingredients and quantities in our menu items to help you in making your decision if you like.
  3. Where do you buy your produce from?
    We source our produce and fresh ingredients from a Jervoise organic meats, eggs from Meggles Farm and other produce from industry wholesalers and local suppliers. For retail options in the Cairns area, we recommend/suggest:
    Neil’s Organics in the city (cnr James & Mcleod Streets)
    Real Food Network in the city
    Jonsson’s Farmers Market at Stratford is also some local (Tablelands) meat available at the Mungali Stall in Rusty’s.
  4. How do you make sweet potato noodles?
    The sweet potato noodles are a product we sell, not something made in store. They are available to purchase next time you’re in or via mail order.
  5. What sweeteners do you use?
    It depends on the recipe but usually we use honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar.
  6. Will you post the doughnut recipe?
    Maybe for a future recipe of the week!
  7. How do you thicken sauces/gravy?
    To thicken sauces and gravy, we generally reduce them down to the desired consistency.
  8. Is it ok to use lard instead of coconut oil in cooking and are the supermarket brands ok?
    Yes you can switch to lard or ghee instead and most of the brands in the supermarket are fine to use but we do recommend reading the labels.
  9. How is ghee dairy free?
    It’s not that ghee/clarified butter are dairy free, it’s that the components that make dairy an unhealthy food choice are removed in the process to make them. You can read more information about where dairy does (or doesn’t) fit in the Paleo lifestyle on the Whole 9 and Paleo Diet Lifestyle websites.
  10. Which gluten free breads and pastas do you recommend?
    Paleo Café make and sell a Paleo bread in house, and also stock sweet potato noodles (which are made of sweet potato starch & water). Beyond that, it can be difficult to find retail products that are both Paleo friendly/compliant and gluten free. If gluten free is your primary objective we suggest reading Yum. which is a new digital gluten free living magazine.   
  11. Do you have any tasty ways to eat liver?
    Chef Liam’s tip for cooking with liver is to keep it nice and moist and be careful not to overcook it. The H Blog has a delicious sounding and well reviewed Best Ever Beef Liver recipe that we think would be great to try.

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