Meet the Team: Meghann and Andrew from Paleo Cafe Mornington Penisula

The Paleo Cafe Franchise Family is continuing to expand and we love that our team is made up of people equally as passionate about Paleo and healthy living as we are. This week, meet Meghann and Andrew who are launching the first Victorian Paleo Cafe in Mornington Peninsula later this year.


When and why did you start living a Paleo lifestyle?
We started living a paleo lifestyle in January of 2011.  Andrew has been gluten free for nearly 20 years and our first son had just been diagnosed with sensitivities to gluten, dairy, soy, legumes and eggs.  With so many things off the list, I had no idea what to cook! At the time, I was playing roller derby and read a book by Melissa Joulwan (author of Well Fed). I checked out her blog, heard about dino-chow, heavy lifting and the Whole30 and thought “Why not?”  We started out first Whole30 on January 17 and never looked back! It has seriously changed our lives in so many ways.

What made you want to own a Paleo Café?
Andrew has over 20 years experience as a chef and we are both passionate about Paleo and good food. It just made sense to take the leap and start doing something that we believe in as a career.  The Mornington Peninsula has an incredibly vibrant health and fitness community and we can’t wait to be a part of that on a daily basis.  It also gives us a chance to create  a lifestyle we love and lets us spend time with our two boys, Elliot (age 4) and Louie (14 months).

What is your favourite quick & easy Paleo meal to cook at home?
My Stupid Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork with sweet potato fries and guacamole.  It’s good every, single time and nearly impossible to mess up!

How do you like to keep fit?
Playing with our kids, climbing trees, running, surfing, stand up paddle boarding and yoga.  A little bit of everything so we can squeeze it in whenever we can and don’t get bored!

What do you like to do in your down time?
We love spending time together as a family, playing in the kitchen and creating new meals and heading to the beach.  I (Meghann) also love geeking out on the latest nutritional studies and then wowing all my family and friends with my newfound knowledge. Unfortunately, they’re not always as enthusiastic as me (though some are- Hi Andrew, Ivy and Crystal!)

We know our Victorian fans can’t wait for Meghann and Andrew to open on Mornington Peninsula – you can stay up to date with their local news and updates on their Facebook Page in the meantime.


Meet the Team: Jackie from Paleo Cafe Brisbane – Paddington


Jackie from Paleo Cafe Brisbane – Paddington


The Paddington Paleo Cafe store was one of the first franchises announced earlier this year, so we are very excited to be able to advise the tentative opening date of October 16. With just over a month to go, we had franchisee Jackie in Cairns this week in preparation of the grand opening.

When and why did you start living a Paleo lifestyle?
It was while I was in preparation for a fitness model competition in early 2012  that I came across the Paleo Lifestyle.  It just made sense to me and as I delved a little further into it, I found that it was extremely beneficial to the functioning of my body and also increased my energy levels.  It’s so fun being creative in the kitchen and sharing clean and tasty versions of dishes we already love with friends, family and facebook, allowing others to get an insight of the Paleo lifestyle and hopefully begin their own journey towards achieving optimal health and relinquishing the myth that there is a need to count calories.

What made you want to open your own Paleo Cafe?
After having discovered the Paleo lifestyle, I found that although I was able to prepare Paleo meals at home, it was impossible to eat out  without it being just plain meat and veg or salad without dressing.  I love food (who doesn’t?) so I was constantly scouring Brisbane food courts in the hope that ‘someone must have by now opened a pure paleo fast food’.  It was when I was on a very unexpected random trip to Cairns in April this year, that I came across Paleo Café on Grafton Street.  My first thought was “In Cairns? Of all places!”, my second thought was “Hell YEAH!”.  It was perfect timing as the opportunities of owning a franchise had been released only a few weeks earlier, so I took a pamphlet back to Brissy and everything just fell into place since then…we have not looked back!

What is your favourite quick & easy Paleo meal to cook at home?
SAVOURY PALEO CRACKERS!  Omgosh!  The recipe triples up as a quiche base, pizza base and crackers of course.  2.5 cups of Blanched Almond Meal, 1 egg, 1 egg white and get creative with the herbs and spices.  Make a dough, roll out, cut into desired shapes and bake in a 180 deg Cels oven for 20 mins…Voila!  Yum!
(Editor’s note: Jackie’s savoury crackers recipe has been a Paleo Cafe staff favourite since she posted it on the Paddington Facebook page!)

How do you like to keep fit?
I love all sorts of training that combines cardio and resistance.  Crossfit and tabata are fabulous as they provide the best of both worlds but I do like to also immerse myself into a relaxing yoga routine or go for a long jog with my head phones in.

What do you like to do in your down time?  I adore spending time with my family…I have two gorgeous children and an amazing husband.  Our downtime is usually spent out and about at the park, the beach, at a cafe or in our common room (lounge room) watching movies.

You can keep up to date with the latest news from Paleo Cafe Brisbane – Paddington on their Facebook page.

Meet the Team: Greg Sawyer from Paleo Cafe Bondi Junction

Chef and MKR judge Pete Evans with Jai Hobbs, Greg Sawyer and the Paleo Cafe Cairns team.

Chef and MKR judge Pete Evans with Jai Hobbs, Greg Sawyer and the Paleo Cafe Cairns team.

Paleo Cafe  – Sydney Bondi Junction was one of the first franchises to be announced and plans are well underway for the grand opening in October 2014. Bondi Junction franchisee Greg Sawyer was in Cairns this week to learn the ropes and we sat him down to ask a couple of questions to help you get to know him better.

When and why did you start living the Paleo lifestyle?
I started living a Paleo lifestyle mid 2012 upon returning to Australia from working overseas in areas where fresh nutritious food was very hard to come by. I felt amazing within a week and haven’t looked back since.

What made you want to open your own Paleo Cafe?
Owning my own business has been a dream of mine for many years. I found out about Paleo Cafe on Facebook through my crossfit coach Chad Mackay. A few months later I saw that Paleo Cafe was franchising, and was speaking to Jai and Marlies about Bondi Junction the very next day.

What is your favourite quick & easy Paleo meal to cook at home?
Grilled spiced chicken, mashed sweet potato with coconut oil, avocado and steamed veggies. I’m a big eater and this meal fills me to the brim, and only takes about 15min to cook.

How do you like to keep fit?

What do you like to do in your down time?

I love the ocean, the snow, nature, sun and adrenalin so I’ll be doing any combination of them in my free time.

We’re sure that our NSW fans are looking forward to getting to know Greg and his team at Paleo Cafe Sydney (Bondi Junction) and eagerly counting down until they open. To stay up to date with their latest developments and local news, make sure you like their Facebook Page.

The Paleo Cafe Journey

Welcome to the Paleo Cafe blog. One of our goals when we started Paleo Cafe was not only to run a successful, healthy and Paleo focussed cafe but also to provide free education and support to our customers and supporters – something we are so passionate about we even included it in our mission statement!

That’s why we’ve started this blog – so that we can share information, recipes, tips and stories with you. Paleo Cafe started as somewhere that Cairns locals could go to get clean, Paleo friendly meals and supplies but has grown into so much more. We have had so much enthusiasm and support for this business and it continues to grow and expand every day. Paleo Cafe is now a community, and one we are so proud to be a part of.

Over time you will get to learn more about the People of Paleo Cafe – both our staff and our customers, but for now here is our story about how and why we started this business. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey.


Jai and Marlies Hobbs started Paleo Cafe in 2012. They had discovered the Paleo lifestyle a year earlier – it was something they heard of through Jai’s Crossfit gym and adopted as a family after discovering their young son Troy’s severe acid reflux was being caused by a dairy intolerance. Troy had been suffering for most of his short life when, at four months, he was put on a dairy free formula. Within a matter of weeks he went from waking every hour screaming in pain to sleeping through the night.

This was the start of the Paleo Cafe Journey – seeing the difference that a change in diet made for Troy, Jai and Marlies sought to get a greater understanding of how the food we eat affects our bodies. They started slowly adopting the Paleo lifestyle and both noticed improvements. Jai and Marlies both lost weight, started sleeping better and skin and digestive problems that Marlies had been experiencing cleared up.

There was still one problem though – sourcing Paleo friendly food and products was time consuming and frustrating for a time poor young family. Jai runs his own business and at the time Marlies was working as an Environmental & Planning lawyer. The lightbulb moment came when Marlies told Jai how much easier it would be if there was somewhere local that they could go to buy specialist ingredients, eat out without temptation and pick up convenient premade clean meals. Jai has almost ten years’ experience in the financial services industry and runs Hobbs Financial Services so was able to see the potential in the idea immediately – so much so that the business name was registered the following day!

Paleo Cafe opened the doors of its Cairns outlet in October 2012 and less than twelve months on has already started franchising with the first outlets due to open in Brisbane and Sydney by October 2013.